Sunday, August 22, 2010

His & Hers Martinis

So for us, being in the kitchen doesn't just mean creating food. It also means creating a few drinks. Martini's are not our go-to drink, but we enjoy them on occasion. However, thanks to one of our favorite wedding presents (a martini pitcher with stir stick from William Sonoma) we have been enjoying them in style! Alas, martinis can be as individual as the person drinking them, so here we have our preferred martinis.

The Dirty, Dirty Vodka Martini:
2 shots vodka (we used Sobieski vodka- which must be good because Bruce Willis drinks it)
1 shot olive juice
a whisper of vermouth (maybe a quarter of a shot
3 olives with pimentos. No more, no less. If we're feeling fancy, we love blue cheese or other stuffed olives. Double amounts for 2 martinis.
Pour all ingredients except olives into pitcher. Stir for about 20 seconds, pour into glasses and plop in olives. Enjoy!

Hubby: The Dirty Dirty Martini is very refreshing with salt and vinegar chips. The salty flavor with the tangy vinegar made me want to grab the martini even more. Bad news is that after a few chips you find yourself grabbing more and more martinis. My advice: chip and drink with caution.

Hubby: I am, at heart, a gin lover. So, I decided to try a classic gin cocktail.
The Gibson:
1 part dry vermouth (be generous with the vermouth)
2 1/2 parts gin (I used Tanqueray dry gin)
Combine the gin and vermouth in a glass pitcher or large glass
Add ice and stir for 30 sec. (Do not shake, you may bruise the gin)
Take 2 cocktail onions and place them on a toothpick and place them at the bottom of your glass.
Pour the cocktail over the onions to release their flavor.
*I love gin and before trying it, I thought The Gibson would be horrible. I actually like it very much and encourage you to all try.

Wifey: I am not such a gin fan. I prefer vodka with club soda to a gin and tonic. So to me, The Gibson tasted like gin mixed with onion juice. Smelling it reminded me of chopping onions, which I don't especially mind, but would not choose to do without good reason. A good reason like the promise of homemade meatballs at the end of the ordeal. This is not my drink of choice, but if Hubby likes it, I will indulge him.